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Oct 8, 2023·edited Oct 8, 2023Liked by London Spy

“…… 🍺 Worrying news for London’s drinkers — a study has found 46 pubs closed in the capital during the first six months of 2023, the highest number of any area in England. But one silver lining to the data from real estate analysts Atlus Group is that the number of pub employees is increasing, suggesting the average London pub is actually getting bigger.…”

Actually this is not a plus. What happening is smaller pubs with personality and variety, are getting replaced by generic large drinking sheds, with more generic beer.

We are seeing the same trend in many places in Europe. If you got to Oslo or Stockholm for example this is also what’s happening: the new pubs are bigger and totally generic - also getting more and more of the faux-“Irish pub” type.

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